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Visitor Fees

Your campsite is for your immediate family; that is mother, father, and any unmarried children that live at home.  Overnight guests will be charged per person, per night.

Daily visitation -  
  Per person $   3.00
  Per carload $   5.00
Overnight visits at your site -
  Per person $ 10.00


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Seasonal Rates

Seasonal rates to be paid in full by start of season

Seasonal Rate  $  2,000.00
Seasonal Rate - senior citizen $  1,800.00 * Over 62 and retired
Down Payment / Intent to Return Fee $     250.00 * Due by January 31st - credited against 1st payment
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Seasonal Payment Plans

Seasonal Rate payment plan allows you to spread payments over the season for $2,300.00

Start of season $   767.00
July 1st  $   767.00
September 1st   $   766.00 Plus $150.00 winter storage fee

Senior Citizen Rate payment plan allows you to spread the payments over the season for $2,100.00

Start of season $  700.00
July 1st  $  700.00
September 1st   $  700.00 Plus $150.00 winter storage fee



* Payment plans require a signed contract at the beginning of the season that will commit you to this schedule.  THIS CONTRACT WILL BE ENFORCED.  We extend this option to you to help you make more comfortable and timely payments.

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Other Services

Moving a trailer to/from a site $100.00
Mobile Sewer Service $  10.00
Sewer Service Impeller replacement $  30.00
Outside Refrigerator - one per site $  50.00
Trailer Winterization $  75.00
Winter Storage $150.00 * Due by Labor Day
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